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Day 0 - Wednesday, June 30th

9am -- leave for PDX (if driven)
11:05 -- catch plane
1:21 -- arrive at LAX
1:45ish -- head over to Super Shuttle
2:15ish -- take Super Shuttle to Omni
2:45ish -- arrive at Omni
3 -- Check in, sort out room stuffs, chill, take shuttle to LA Live area
4-6:30pm -- Eclipse at 1000 W. Olympic Blvd
6:45pm -- badge pickup at LACC South Lobby
from there, catch shuttle back to Omni
whateverrr dinner and stuff. Maybe check out Famima!! if I have time?
10:05 catch AX shuttle
10:10-1am -- DANCE! -- JW Marriott Gold Ballroom (possibly not, may be too tired/lazy/scared)

Day 1 - Thursday, July 1st

1pm -- Check out Artist Alley and exhibit hall
2ish -- Summer Festival! -- Nokia Plaza
2:30-4:30pm -- Koi Suru Napolitan - Eternal First Love (live action movie) -- LACC Concourse Hall
10-11:50pm -- Anime Singled Out -- LACC 502
12-3am?? DANCE! THEME: Alice in Wonderland -- JW Marriott Gold Ballroom (possibly not, may be too tired/lazy/scared)

Day 2 - Friday, July 2nd (Jewell and Carolyn show up at some point???!)

12:30-1:30pm -- Gaia Variety Hour -- LACC 502
3-4pm -- Inside the Voice Actors Studio -- LACC 515A
Afternoon sometime -- meet up with Jewell/Carolyn and jump around like we're five years old
9-10 -- Who Wants to be a Voice Actor? -- LACC 411 Theater
10-2am?? -- DANCE! THEME: Villains & Heroes -- Club Nokia

Day 3 - Saturday, July 3rd

2:30pm -- Gaia Online Cosplay Meetup -- JW Marriott (organized by me, so probably no one will come! 8D)
4pm-6pm -- Gaia Online Panel -- JW Marriott Platinum Ballroom
??pm-2am?? -- DANCE! THEME: L.A. Harajuku nights (Japanese Street Fashion) -- Club Nokia

Day 4 - Sunday, July 4th

9:30am -- Pack, check out of hotel
10am -- catch AX shuttle
10:30am -- check bag in bag check for $5 for 4 hours
12pm-2pm -- Gaia Feedback Session -- LACC 502
2:10pm -- get bag from bag check
2:20pm -- catch AX shuttle to Omni
3pm -- catch Super Shuttle at Omni

Will update whenever I feel like it, or when major updates are made to AX's schedule.

Last update: 6/29/10 @1:08am
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