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One big reason why I like the Trigun soundtrack?

Wicked guitar.

Another reason?

Awesome names for the songs.

I mean, some random guy could come up and ask me what I'm listening to, and I could be like "Blue Funk"! And he'd be like, "Righteous!"

'Cept. Not?



Honestly, though. "Nerve Rack"? "Philosophy in a Teacup"? "Blood and Thunder"?

None of these names are something to be ashamed of.

"Love and Peace" maybe, but I'd never actually put that on a CD. It's just something to make me laugh. xD "Love and Peeeeeace!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!" xDDD

I'm so glad no one in the house is awake yet. I can bop my head and no one will laugh at me.

Oh, by the way, Dad went to Burning Man a quarter of an hour ago. Yep. He goes every year.

If you don't know what Burning Man is, look it up.

He's definitely not your steriotypical psychiatrist father.
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