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Baths and profundity (or lack thereof)

Out of sheer boredom and procrastination I watched Eat, Pray, Love. Conclusion: indulgence is nice, and people are pretty dumb most of the time. Something about watching other people be dumb in relationships makes me feel like I am way more smart than they are, though I'm sure I'll make a mistake sometime and KABOOM relationship fail. Or I could just be really smart, you know, some people are just sensible... sensible people... that happens right? It's possible to be sensible when wild and crazy hormones and emotions are involved? Yeahh?

You know when you watch a movie that's really trying to be profound, and you're not a big fan of it, but it still makes you want to go out and live... and such? Well I've been kind of wanting to go out and live in general, so that's probably not it. But.

Well this particular movie made me take a bath in all sorts of nonsense. Like a literal bath, friends. I actually paused the movie halfway through because it was boring and pulled this stuff together.

Here's the recipe. I pretty much just put it all in a plastic bowl and sniffed it until it smelled right, so if you try this at home you'd better have an intuitive nose.

Also I've never done this before so it's not like I'm some mastermind of bath herbs. BUT in case anyone is curious... these are the things I remember...

-Cinnamon (makes the water look cool if you have enough of it)
-Hazelnut and Vanilla syrup
-Half and Half
-Orange peel
-Oats! (my favorite part is the oats, they're so oaty and good for the skin!)
-Vanilla extract
-Orange extract
-ground pecan
-a little dash of my mom's boxed wine (shhh)
-a bag each of peach and berry tea, because, uh, I wanted to
-spoonful of plum jelly for the same reason
-I dunno, nutmeg I think
-uhhh other stuff
-bath etc.

My philosophy is that there is a lot of water in that bath, sooo uh, make a good concentration of stuff. If I had honey I probably would have put some of it in there too. I very briefly considered maple syrup but decided against it.

Also the way to think about a bath like this is like basically taking a mud bath... except in things that smell nice and are relaxing. The only issue is collecting all the debris afterward, which I did pretty successfully if I do say so myself. Which I do. Also take a shower afterwards and get into all those nooks and crannies... also also this was very good for shaving legs in.

Hmm. Other thoughts? I have them. Are they sorted? Not at all. To be fair it's past 2am and I was bathing in oats earlier.

Basically I am like 8.5/10 on happiness scale most of these days, with that one point knocked off because "these days" are ending faaarr too soon. And .5 points knocked off because I am not randomly vacationing with my boyfriend in Disneyland Japan right now or, uh, massively famous for voice over work (or both). I mean really is anyone really ever 10/10? The tricky thing about perfection is that once you think you've reached it, you realize there's something else you want. But as I told myself when I was a senior in high school, you can only truly be happy with a little unhappiness involved. 9.5/10 is probably the most I'd ever want to be. But maybe that's just because I haven't reached 10 yet? And then I get like ten extra points to aim for? like I'd be at 10/20 and scores 11-20 are all incredible levels of happiness I'm not even capable of imagining until I get there. After all, SUBJECTIVITY

Time to stop waxing philosophic and get down to brass tax

Oh life, always so lifey. But we're good, life and me. We've been getting along swell. I woke up this morning feeling like I wasn't alone. It was kind of an issue because I was actually technically alone at the time, but whatever, semantics. Someday I won't be alone when I wake up. What a strange concept.

Also, when I was waiting for the bus this day I saw this guy who was probably like fifteen? Petting the wall by the bus stop. Yep. Been there done that. Walls are nice. Petting things is nice.

Ohhh, the night is young, yeah baby, we could shoot a Russian unicorn.

Now I have to go clean my cats' litter before I go to bed. Sigh. A drawback of the parents being gone = litter duty. 8/10.

Yep that's about all I have to offer at this juncture, good night and good luck.
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