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Looks like I'm still waiting for this world to stop hating!

I really like how I'm probably the most inactive livejournal user I know. I mean... I'm even worse than MATT. And. Well. It's odd. Because, you know, things DO HAPPEN in my life.

I used to like talking about them... but all of a sudden... I don't.

Go figure.

I'm updating this thing because I feel like I haven't been loyal to it. I'm a strong believer in loyalty.... ah.. haha.. haha. I crack myself up.

Here's a nice little recap of today.

Er... large recap of today. Whatever works.

Woke up this morning at about seven thirty. Got myself some Diet Cherry Coke, fed the cats, started up the computer... ya... ya... ya.

Talked to Matt. He hadn't gone to sleep yet. Yeah, see, It's not that I disapprove of his nocturnal nature, it's that I'm jealous of it. If only my acting classes were in the middle of the night. If only my mother were a vampire. If only I lived in Aterbla.


IN ANY CASE. My mom bought me Does This Look Infected? for my birthday, and, you know, the CD case is a little VILE, and, er, off-putting, so I hadn't listened to it until today. And I must say... it's a good CD. Ya. Ya ya. Ya ya ya.

Mother Dearest took me to MP Acting Camp, y'all. ... Ignore the y'all.

Acting class was better than usual. I lost rather quickly at the warm-up game, but I must say, it was not in fact a game that had anything whatsoever to do with acting, so it's all good. Yeah, and we worked on our original sketches. Our group hadn't gotten ANYTHING done, and I mean ANYTHING, because the last time we worked on the sketches Chris and Emil wouldn't stop talking about drugs. I swear, they might be really hot, but they're both idiots.

Oh, and by the way, the reason I wasn't in a very good mood last week was because of Chris. He makes my mood go FWOOOOOOOOOOO-BAMEXPLODEGIGANTICFIERYPITOFDOOM. He's... so... hot. ._x; I mean. His eyes. His hair! His body! His posture! His ATTITUDE!

It's too bad he's a stoner and goes to West Sylvan. I mean. If he weren't. I'd like. Be throwing myself at him. Yeah.

'Cept, you see, someone asked us if we knew each other, and he jokingly said "Oh, yeah, we go to the same school. I've scored with her a couple of times. You know. She's really good in bed. Has a lot of endurance, if you know what I mean..."

I let him go that far, then I threatened to hit him.

I'd hit him already, y'see, and not even that hard. But hey... it's not my fault he was being a jerk to Michelle.

Right. That's why we didn't get anything done that day.

So, our sketch, we actually created it today. It's FABULOUS. It's about this hospital, see, and this hospital is entitled the "Hospital of Tough Love". There's this camera crew filming a news story, and...


I don't really want to go on.

But it's hilarious, I promise.

Yeah, and we were given new MP scenes today, as well. I'm the minister in the "Ministry Of Silly Walks" scene. Right. Should be cool.

So in addition to Hospital Of Tough Love and Ministry Of Silly Walks, I'm the witch in the witch scene of the Holy Grail, and the head policeman from the Crunchy Frog scene.

It's all good.



And. A few other comments.

Did you know that in the last thirty years, suicide in North America has increased by 300%, and that it is the second major cause of death in Canada?

Did you also know that not all depressed teenagers are continuously self-destructive? In fact, several of them like to just sit and read books. Perhaps even learn to play the guitar. Teenagers are, of course, the majority of the depressed, but just because you're depressed, it doesn't mean you can't be happy! Be happy you're a depressed teen, goshdarnit! It's the cool thing to do!

That, or sit and read a book.

A good book.

Not one of those... crappy ones. Ya? Ya.

And no, I'm not in a bad mood. It's just really hot. Really... really... HOT. Someone pour some ice on me. Please?
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