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Blood and Thunder

This song is so awesome. I'm serious.

It's. Really. Good?

Very soundtrack-y, though. But still. I mean. If you want a soundtrack for my life, the Trigun soundtrack is it. I can pick a certain element of my life for each song I have on my computer(ThankstoKatagain!) and it'll fit perfectly.

Here's what I mean.

Colorless Sky -- Alvord Trips, Unbearingly Hot Days, Boredom
Nerve Rack -- Wilson Football Games
Not an Angel -- 7th-8th Grade
Philosophy In A Teacup -- Synchronized Swimming
Gunpowder Tea -- 6th Grade & Under
The Lowdown -- This Summer
Unhappy Song -- Hyperactivity
Blood And Thunder -- Any Good Stuff, Period. Specifically The Disneyland/Las Vegas/San Diego/Mexico/Reno(Not In That Order) Trip, Portland Fire Games, Trips Home From Downtown, Trips To The Lloyd Center, That One Time I Slightly Met Sarah In Real Life, etc., etc.
Fool's Paradise -- Last Summer
Blue Funk -- Summer Before 7th Grade, Trips Anywhere With Mom, Anything Dealing With Anything At All (My Basic Mood Swing Chart!)
Perfect Night -- Anger, Paranoia, Angst-Related Feelings
Permanent Vacation -- Out Anywhere At Night, Eating, Drinking Diet Cherry Coke, Walks To The Library, Boys In General
Cynical Punk -- Maxwell
Knives -- Acting
Scattered Rain -- Scattered Rain, Trying To Get Over Something, Apathy?
Stories To Tell -- Nature, Peace, Serenity
Opening Theme -- Anything Freaking Awesome. xD

o0; Well. There you have it. I'magoplays'more Pokemon Yellow now and wait for my laundry to get done.
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