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I watched The Princess Diaries 2 today. It's a pretty good movie, to tell you the truth. For a G-rated. They played the G rating really well -- There wasn't anything bad, but you could sense a lot of passion between Mia and Nicholas (and there was a bunch of older humor children wouldn't understand). Nicholas is a hunksicle. Too bad Chris Pine is ten years older than me...

Hey, I could catch him one day. My Great Grandfather was twelve years older than -his- wife... and obviously, these things happen all the time, nowadays.

He's a really good actor, too. Convincing. Unlike... that... other guy. Yeah.

It's probably just my darkhairblueeyesoopsacrushattack again. But dang, is that man fine.

His eyes are so pretty. ;_;

Okay. Priorities straightened. Chris Pine forgotten. I'll shut up now. =D

And hey, it's not my fault I appreciate the beauty of the male half of the human race. I blame my parents. ... And my parents' parents... and... my parents' parents... etc.... etc.

I'm so totally buying The PD2 DVD when it comes out.
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