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Natural Botanical!

Well, here you are. Pictures. =D Of. Something. x3



... e_e; The hair. On my head. Yeeees.

Not my hair. Something. I don't know what it is. o0; The picture was on my camera. I liked it. Go figure.

Another mysterious picture. Once again, I have no idea how it got on my camera. 0o; Or what it's of.

It took many, many tries to actually take pictures of my hair, as I had no one to hold my camera for me, and no good ledge to place it on (At least, that I could find). It's a good thing I have very, very flexible shoulders. Here's one of the outtakes.

My hair looks pretty in a ponytail. x3.

Oooh. Shiny.

Ooh. ... Stuff. This was really, really hard to take. You can't really tell, but my back was all... contorted... n'stuff.

Well, there you have it. oe; ... Woot.
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