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How YOU doiiiin'?

ALRIGHT! So, like, I just noticed what a complete loser I am, isn't that cool? But I can't change anything about that until next year, because people at school, in my classes, really don't like me all that much, so I can't exactly become friends with -them-.

Once again, we're back to waiting.

Oh, and thanks, Matt, for the whole telling-me-without-telling-me-about-how-livejournal-isn't-private-anymore shindig.

AaAAaand, here's my flour baby journal up until today for anyone who's interested.

Flour Baby Journal

Day 1.

Gyaaah. I'd never get pregnant in middle school, anyway. Okay, don’t get any ideas, I
wouldn’t get pregnant in High School, either. You know why? Those things are
HEAVY!!! They don't seem that bad at first but after and hour or so of lugging them
around everywhere, your arms and your neck really start to ache. And I have to carry
them around ALL DAY!!! I've got two five-pounders, but they're both wrapped in
clothes and paper and saran-wrap and blankets and stuff (Not in that order) so they're
really, like, seven pounds each. And then I'm carrying 'em in this baby carrier thing,
which is five pounds all by itself. ...that's still not much, is it? It would be to you if you
had to carry them home all the way from school in 86 degree weather with a coat on,
also carrying your gym clothes and your backpack, which has extra books because of
your extra homework.

At least I was home after that and could do whatever the heck I wanted with them, right?


My mom's done the whole flour baby thing with my brothers, too, so she knows how it
works. She made me take them to synchro practice. EVERYONE ASKED

At least they're cute. People complimented them on their looks. And story time was fun.

Anyway. Now I'm seriously sure my future spouse willl DIIIIIEEEE if he ends up leaving

And yesterday was only the first day. (I’m writing this Tuesday Morning).

Day 2.

More story time. That was cool.

I like how my children are quiet all of the time. They’re good kids.

I can actually concentrate when I’m around them, unlike some other people.

But they’re still really, really heavy.

And I wish people would stop lifting up Meryl’s hat. I tell them she’s subconscious, but
do they listen? Noooo.

Plus, I honestly don’t like lugging them around everywhere. I can’t ever stop and take a
breather unless I’m working or reading or something.

As I said, at least they don’t cry.

Day 3.

Er, I sort of wrote for Day 2 on Day 3, so I’m going to have to think up a few more
things. Um.

Hardships I came across:

1. Almost dropped one of the children, but quickly reached out to save her.

2. I had to hold my lunch in one hand and keep my soda can in my sweater pocket while
carrying the baby carrier. This is a lot harder than it sounds. And yesterday my can was
open, so that made things a heck of a lot harder.

3. We have promotion pictures tomorrow. I’m beginning to wonder if I can still look
halfway decent while struggling to mantain a personal relationship with the fruit of my
womb. I almost typed worm instead of womb. I most certainly do not have a worm. Not
to mention fruit for that worm.

Good things that happened:

1. Lots of people complimented me on my children today, again.

2. No synchro practice tonight. I can take a load off for a while.

3. My kittens are actually very nice to Jade and Meryl. Jasper rubbed his scent all over
the carrier, so I guess now they’re his, too. Ew, that makes it sound like I had babies with
a cat. Um. Nevermind.

Oh! And Meryl’s sick. I had to give her extra care. Poor, poor Meryl.... let’s hope she’s
better today.

Day 4.

Well, to start off, Meryl’s well today. But poor Jade is so sick that her head fell off. I’ve
taped it back on now. I think she caught whatever Meryl had. I bundled her up extra just
like I did with Meryl. Let’s hope for the best.

I forgot to mention, Mom drove me home yesterday. That was a relief. Sadly, she
couldn’t today, so I had to walk home in the blazing heat, baby carrier and backpack
digging into my shoulder. The good thing was Tashia, who lives next door to me and is
also in the eigth grade at JMS, happened to be walking home today, too, so I had
someone to share my troubles with. Lighten the load for a while, you know.
I’m still a little bugged about having to carry the children around, but they’re getting
lighter and lighter, which, hopefully, means I’m getting stronger, and not that they’re
losing weight (also known as bodily substances in the form of white powder). I wonder if
my arm muscles will be noticeably larger after this. I doubt it, as it is only a week. But
nothing is impossible. I’ll probably look pretty odd sizing up my muscles when this is all

I am very glad the twins do not cry. I have mentioned this before, but I can not
emphasize that fact enough. It is a heavenly thing. Indeed.

Only one more school day. I can’t remember if we stop carrying them tomorrow or
Monday, but I have a feeling it’s Monday. Whee.

Oh! And, I forgot to mention this earlier, I weighed the carrier with the chldren in it; it’s
a whopping twenty-two pounds. That’s twenty percent of a skinny popular kid! Wow. I
am stunned. And I weighed ‘em three days ago.

Wow, I keep forgetting stuff. The promotion pictures were today. I’m not going to blame
everything on my chldren, cough cough, but I have a feeling my pictures turned out
horrible. I could barely look in the mirror before I was whisked away to pick up my
darlings from daycare. Sweet little things, they are. I’d probably like them more if they
could actually do something other than stare. 0_0;;;;;;;!~!!!!


I'm suddenly much more light hearted. I'm off to do the work I should've done last night. Saianara.
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