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I'm not a perfect persoooon.... because I wrote this stupid soooong...


Lunchtime? I. Am a nice person. No one wants to sit and talk with Josie? Ali will sit and talk with Jose! Besides, Josie's cool. SHE ACTUALLY KNOWS WHO MERYL IS! I'll have to converse with her about that. She draws Kaiba and Mokuba all over her binders and stuff. Likes art. She's a nice girl. Normal sized. People probably just don't talk to her because she's smart, and has a slightly annoying voice. Well. There's that, as well as the whole obsessed-with-Yu-Gi-Oh thing. But that's not really so bad. I mean. YEAH!

She's cool.

I wanted to get that transfer student from Poland, Casha, to sit with us as well, but she had somewhere to go, I guess, so I didn't have time to ask.

Cassie and Nicole sat with me today, too. Cassie says their mom STILL reads my Peopling the Nation report (She bought a copy of it for three bucks) even to this day. A bit creepy. Flattering, but creepy all the same. JSYK, Cassie and Nicole are twins. Nicole has cleaner skin and Cassie has yellow braces. That's how I tell them apart. Oh, that and several other small things.

What else. Oh! That... one girl... can't remember her name... she came over and talked to Nicole for a while. Then she talked to me. And yeah.

One Girl. Hey... *Pause to remember name.* ... ALI!
Ali. Couldn't remember my name, huh?
OG. No, I did! I remembered ... *Ali can't remember what she said next.* ...
*Somewhere in there*
A. Yes, well. By the end of these four years, you're not going to even almost forget my name! It'll be imprinted into your brain like your first peice of cheesecake! **
OG. ... *Can't remember... Uh... Blah blah blah...* That's what I love about you, Ali, you're so random! You were always the wacky random girl in my classes, that's how I remember you.
A. Oh yeah. I'm so cool.
OG. You are!
A. ... I am?
OG. You are.


I'm cool. =D *pose*

But I'm SO. Not random anymore. D: I'm just nice. ;) Hoyeah. That's me.

In other news... Altering my default icon a lot... The whole 'Beleive.' thing feels right, but I can't really get anything else to look too great. I may make another icon with a different image/video combo, but I'm not sure. Whatever, man.

This format (Disjointed) doesn't work with non-default. Well, it does with comments. And. Everything else. But you can't choose one of your userpictures to use as the one you want on the front page permanently without the default. That most likely didn't make sense to you. It only makes sense to me because I'm me and I'm a supergeniousprodigy (Not boasting, just exaggerating or using a hyperbole or something!).

The news is, I may resort to asking people their opinion on my many options. So. Uh. Stay tuned?
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