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Okay, so!

I'm wearing my new pair of glasses, now. Everything's in excruciatingly detailed detail. I look ugly. ): Poo. But the glasses are a nice touch to the ugliness. (: Yay!

It's interesting. I saw without glasses or contacts a LOT better just this last summer compared to how I do now. Wonder why that is?


Josie now knows the link to my livejournal. Hi, Josie! She also knows my MSN and AIM, and vice versa. Good stuff. I had a nice conversation about icon making with her today, she's freaking awesome. =D

Going to a barbecue at my grandparents in a few/couple hours.
That should be buckets of fun. */sarcasm*

And now I'm going to go melt my brain for no apparent reason whatsoever. Talk to you later, sweetie-pie! Bunches and oodles of love!
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