alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Looking through my old things last night...

Found a two parts of two different songs (One short but good, other longer but stupid), one something (I'm not sure if it's part of a song or a short poem), one fully written yet completely crappy song, one very short journal entry, one very long journal entry, and one very short poem. And, lucky you! You get to see all of them. In order. Woo. ... T.

Song #1 (Unedited) (To be soon combined with song #3?)

I'm flying on broken wings,
Laughing away the sting,
Breaking my way into the sky.


Song #2 (Slightly edited)

"How can I stay still
When everything around me
Is falling, fading, flying?
How can you say you'll
Be there for me to see
When you're always dying?
My dear, the tides are spinning,
My feet are off the ground
My lips, they yearn for your kiss
My eyes feel your sweet sound."

You say
"Are you okay?
Are you okay?"
I reply,
"Yes, No, Maybe,
I don't know,
Maybe I'm in love."

Take a picture of all my perfections?
That won't make them last.
I'm just a boy
A... nearly immortal boy...
A boy who can't get enough
Of what he gets so little of.

You say
"Are you okay?
Are you okay?"
I reply,
"Yes, No, Maybe,
I don't know,
Maybe I'm in love."


Something #1 (Edited)

I know it's cliche
The mumbling confusion
I know they'd understand
If only I let them
I know that everything
Happens for a reason

But I don't want it to.


Song #3 (Punctuation Edited) (Note: This was in my "Mean" stage, hence the "You Losers Can't Stop Crying". Please don't hold me against it in a court of law.)

Scream it out
Shout it loud
I'm standing in the shadows
With my --
Dark around circles,
Circles around me --
Scream it loud.
Shout. It. Out.

You can't take me
My feet are on the ground
Your sunset is my moonrise and I'm
Waking up
To clear skies.

Scream it out
Shout it loud
You losers can't stop crying
When life takes your
Sun away
Laugh your way to heaven
'Cause demons lose their way
Shine florescent
Because light follows dark (and vice versa)
Shout it out
Scream it loud.

You can't take me
My feet are on the ground
Your sunset is my moonrise and I'm
Waking up
To clear skies.

Splash into
The pool of life
Shake it up
I've got
One more chance
And I'm not gonna take it.

Shout it loud?

You can't take me
My feet are on the ground
Your sunset is my moonrise and I'm
Waking up
To clear skies.


Journal Entry #1 (Slightly Edited)

I'm on my way to 'Kirkland', Washington. All day I've been trying to figure out that name. I know there was some guy's name in it, like 'Fredville' or something.

The Forrest Gump theme song is blasting on my CD player, but not even coming close to topping the beats of "Dance With Me" being played on the car radio. Of all things I thought could go wrong on this trip, I never anticipated MUSIC going wrong. I guess the synchro team forgot about the 'c' in crap, huh? It's a good thing neither Marissa or Alex... hear **can't read this word**. Alex just asked
"What're you writing?"
My response:
Classy, Ali, very classy.
I bet she couldn't read that **Can't read this word, either** anyway, I'm making my handwriting totally... Messy, yeah, that's it, messy.


Journal Entry #2 (Unedited)

Date: July 17th Time: Too lazy to ask -- Morning.

(War! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!)
Ew, eraser juice.
Okay, this song gets really boring after a while.
Oh yeah. Elevation, U2.
So hey, let's talk, shall we?
Yesterday was a very interesting day.
I woke up at 3:50 in the morning, due to the burning pain in my teeth. Thursday, my braces were tightened. Luckily, the pain only lasts the first cople of days, then it nulls to a dull roar.
Anyway (Music change -- ooh, the fast Simple and Clean!) So once I woke up I got that half-full DCC can out of the fridge and dranking it, slowly but surely. DCC helps with teeth pain. Cold DCC, that is. (Nothing's like before!) Where was I? Oh, yeah. Then I (Beautiful Day, U2) went back to sleep for about a half an hour. I can never really go back to sleep after I wake up -- it just doesn't happen. (Sky falls, and you realize, it's a beautiful day!) Meh. So when I woke up ... again, I checked my e-mail, did a little annoying, (See the bird with the leaf in her mouth?) (What you don't have, you don't need it now!), you know. Meh. Then I packed. Then did a little more annoying. Ten minutes worth?
After that, we were off.
(Ew, Vanessa Carlton. CHANGE!)
(Much better. One Step Closer, Linkin Park.)
(I've got the answers all so clear, wish I could find a way to disappear)
The car ride was really (SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!) boring, for the most part. Not to mention uncomfortable. And I was so TIRED, and my teeth hurt so MUCH. Of course is almost unnoticable when the Ibuprofen kicks in. Which takes what, an hour? ee;
(Music change. In The End, Linkin Park.)
I'll stop moaning now.
I tried to hold it back on the way here, really. I promise.
But, well, honestly.
(In the end, it doesn't even matter.)
Lunch was good. Well, technically, it was a brownie earthquake from a dairy queen in, uh, Bend? Yeah, Bend. But it was still good. Gotta love brownie earthquakes. Dinner was The Apple Peddler's Meatloaf, along with a crapload of dinner rolls. That was in (slow Simple and Clean!) Burns. (You're giving me too many things lately.) Then another hour of driving. I convinced Maxwell to let me have the seat next to the window (hold me, whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on, regardless of warning, the future doesn't scare me at all) in exchange for the middle seat and (All the small things! I love you! ^^) my CD player to listen to until whenever I wanted it back.
I slept. For like two hours. Yippee.
Then Maxwell and I played 5 card stud.
I think he only won twice, we played about 12 times.
Then we played 7 card stud, I completely dominated at that. Haha, I got a straight with all 7 cards, 5678910J. =D
After that, we played War. I beat him at that as well.
Luck was on my side. Bwahaha.
Yeah, so once we were done with War, we were here.
(Say it ain't so, I will not go, turn the lights off, carry me home.)
We set up camp (Kryotonite, 3 doors down), or rather, Mom and I setup camp. Honestly, those boys are no help whatsoever! (I watched the world float to the dark side of the moon, after all I knew it had to be something to do with you)

Yeah, I'm bored now, I'll continue this later.

Screw that. I just moved to the shade. The heat was killing (* get away * you STUPID* BUGS!* Small ones, *big* ones, they're EVERY*WHERE!!!) *=pause to smack/flick/smoosh bugs

Oh, and the music is now Eye of The Tiger **



Yeah, so it's around 2pm now. I'm in the car so the bugs won't get me. Bwahahaha.

Let me finish up yesterday, then I'll get to today.

So, we set up and everything. Then we talked A bunch w/our friends Jim & Cary, who always come to the Alvord w/us.

Yeah, that got boring after an hour or so.

Blah blah blah, teeth brushed with a canteen of water, went to the bathroom 126 yards away from camp behind a bush..


Mm-hm. Snake. Rattlesnake. Near our tent. Dad was checking out some snakeskin on the mound of dirt/sagebursh/whatever and out it slithered. Luke says he things the thing's pretty young, as it's rattle is pretty small. I was scared @ first, but then I noticed how cute the little bugger was.
There was a scorpion too, but I didn't get to see it. Jim smushed it. Nyer.

Uh. So. Right! I went to bed. Or. Uh. Sleeping bag. Eventually, Maxwell did, too, and neither of us could sleep, so we played word games. My greatest success was that of the word "Eons".

Do you have any idea how pretty the stars in the desert look @ night? Very pretty. Millions and Billions and Zillions of the things, I'm serious. Beautiful. You can make them say anything you want.

Mmf. Yokay, so after an hour and a half of that, the wind started to blow. And I mean really blow.

The tent started to collapse on us. Maxwell and I had gone to bed before everyone else, so he and I just lay back on our seperate sleeping bags, eyes closed, as a wave of dust and doom swept over us.

(Or did I?)

And yeah SO people came and saved us. But it took a lond time - by the time they did, we were caked in dust.

Mmyeah. Then sleep.


Nah. Later. When today's done.


Poem #1

I forget that I'm breathing,
So I stop.
I forget that I love you,
So I stop.
I forget that I'm me...
So I stop.
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