alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,


=D Yay, I'm all happy now and coolness.

Y'know why? ^__^

Because Josie's freaking awesome.

She's most probably the most freaking awesome person I know within a two hundred mile radius.

Here. Here. I'll list reasons why.

1. She's a fantabular anime artist. Seriously, you guys. Wicked. Looking through her work, I almost fainted. Well. There were other reasons for that. Butwhatever.

2. She knows who Meryl is. A very uncommon trait in people my age. Yeah. Yeah. ...

3. ... And she's obsessed with Kaiba. Which can be a little challenging for me every so often, but I deal. I'm going to tell her why Kaiba makes me edgy someday. She knows I will. It's all... a matter... of time.

4. She sits and talks with me at lunch. Most of the time, after I'm done eating, We'll get up and wander the schoolgrounds, saying 'Hi' to people we pass that we know. This may not seem like much to you, but honestly folks, it is a lot to me. If I were to wander the schoolgrounds alone saying 'Hi' to people... I'd look much different. I'd look like a loser. =\

5. ... She's a nice person. Aaand the audience goes 'Awww.'
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