alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,


So first, I buy this starburst, right?

And it says to look for the code. Find the code. Register it online.

I see no code. There is no code. No scratch off peice of crap of anything.

Right. Okay, so then, blahblahblah, I'm nice to everyone, blahblahblah, Josie's awesome, blahblahblah. Then it's my dad's birthday. We go to the Marrakesh. Morrocan restaurant.

Very, very odd.

My hands smell like rose.

I'm scared now.

Then, I like, completely miss five sixths of the brand new, never before seen, premiere, season opening episode of Gilmore Girls. The last sixth just makes me wish I'd seen the rest even more.



So Josie's still awesome.

Look at this.

Drawn by Josie. Freaking fantabulous. Not as good as her other ones, though. I just asked her to upload this specific one because of personal attatchment to this personal picture due to personal reasons.

Yeah... Me change-y. It was better like halfway through the process. Butwhatever.
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