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... =\ Someone is slowly, constantly hugging me. It's a little creepy. Along with nice. And comforting, and whatnot.

Yes, I know you're doing it. ><;; Whomever you are. D: So... thank you. I think.

Yeah, I think it'd be worse to be deaf than to be blind. I could live with being blind. Being deaf would be horrible. Even if you did learn to read people's lips. You couldn't hear the wind blow, or the birds chirp, or some guy stalking you not-so-quietly... You wouldn't know the different voices of different people, wouldn't hear the sound of touch... on anything...

I wouldn't be able to stand it.

Blindness... you can feel to see. Even if you don't know when things are beautiful... you'd be able to feel them... and know they were... and... you might be able to see deeper into things, into people... because you didn't have to look on the surface. It'd be harder to judge.


How did I come to thinking about this?

Walked to my room from upstairs with my down blanket and two pillows over my head. Completely pitch black. Made me think.


What else?


Oh, yeah. Can't wait until next Tuesday. Gilmore Girls. Luke and Lorelei make such a cute couple. It's so heartwarming. Honestly. It makes me go squeeeeeee. ^__^ Their love is so... good.
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