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We lost. 45 to 0. I am so freaking angry at pretty much everyone. No one cares about our team. It was only me and this other guy I didn't even know cheering. I even resorted to screaming "I love you, Trojans" at the top of my lungs.

I could tell. Our team has low self-esteem. But does anyone care? No. They just talk to their friends like it's a freaking social event. It's a FOOTBALL GAME. People go to FOOTBALL GAMEs to WATCH FOOTBALL. Not discuss your love life or how badly we suck! WE SUCK BADLY BECAUSE YOU DON'T CHEER, MORONS! CHEER FOR YOUR TEAM! THEY ARE YOU! YOU ARE THEM! YOU WANT TO NOT LOSE WITHOUT DIGNITY!

The cheerleaders don't help. They're girly and are afraid to scream. Trevor told me to take breaths when that one touchdown was called back due to an illegal block. But did I? No. I slumped down and almost started to cry.

You know what the problem is? People don't care enough. They don't have heart.

Goshdarnit. No one even cared when that one guy was injured. I prayed with the rest of the team, but whom else did? NO ONE! Everyone just WENT ALONG WITH THEIR BUSINESS. Someone's been HURT, for GOODNESS SAKE.

Don't tell me to calm down. I am calm. I'm just angry. As well as calm.

Sigh-grr tiger.

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