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I like Canada and the United Kingdom a lot, but I still love the US, as well. I was born here. I specifically love Oregon. Because... it's awesome. Really. It should be famous. =\ But it's not. No one cares about Oregon. ;; 'Cept Oregonians. Because we rock. ._. Yeswedo. We've got it all. Except... natural disasters! Except volcanoes, we have those, but our volcanoes aren't very dangerous... and, and, and, we used to have Keiko, which made us famous, but then Keiko had to go and go to Norway and die... =\ He so would've stayed alive if he had stayed here... there's the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, well, there's Ashland in general, that place is sweet... We've got some pretty large malls... not very many theme parks, I'll give you that, but there is Oaks Park, Oh, oh, and Wild Waves, I think that's in Oregon, that counts for something, definitely, Wild Waves is wicked... Enchanted Forest is near there, I think, but that's more for kids. Oregon's right in the middle of Washington and California, that's a plus, you can go to Seattle to see the Space Needle or California to see... California... Oh, oh, and Kah-Nee-Tah is the place to be, a hot spring swimming pool, gotta love that... Oh, we've got tons and tons of historical landmarks, too, Fort whatevers, really old buildings, statues, you name it... And we're all generally very nice people.

Ever hear about that one book... 100 best places to be, or whatever? Portland, Oregon is the top on that list. Here, I'll go Google it for you.

Well, I couldn't find the exact book, but I did find this.

My favorite part of that article thingert:

'Then there is the other major reason to recommend Portland: its stellar location in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It's an area of unparalleled natural beauty, abundant with recreational opportunities, from skiing at majestic Mount Hood to windsurfing at the Columbia River Gorge and white-water rafting on the Clackamas River. Overall, there are 9,500 acres of parkland in the region, twice as many as in Denver. Not enough fun for you? Oregon's wine country is a hop away, as are rugged Pacific Ocean beaches. "Within an hour of the city you can be on a mountain, at the beach, in the desert or in the middle of a forest," says Portland native Matthew Subotnick, 28, creative services director for KXL radio. "You can't beat it."'

Oh! Yes! We have deserts, too! The Alvord! Those who know me well already know about The Alvord.

Oooh, this is a nice bit, as well. And it's absolutely true.

'But for him Portland's lure is deeper. "There's a feeling that there's room to breathe here."'

That feeling he speaks of! It really exists! He's seriously not kidding!

More information on Portland:

Haha, we don't have sales tax.
... Of course, that's kind of... a bad thing. =\ Buttherearegoodthingsandbadthingsabouteverything. ><;

... On second thought...

Don't look there. =\ They make us look bad. LOSERS. ><;;;


Oh, But look! ^__^ We have a four out of five stars! That's good!

Cough. xDD AWESOME SITE. And... Very interesting. o_o; I'm seriously not kidding. Check out

I'm just sort of talking to myself here, don't mind me.

... I think I'll stop now.
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