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Guess what? I tried out for Trojan Idol. And I made it.


I was the only freshman brave enough to try out. Which is pretty cool, but... it means I won't have any competition. I automatically win for my class. Not saying they let me on just because of the whole not-having-any-freshmen thing, though. I still had to audition. It was actually kind of nice. The two of them (the judges) closed their eyes and sort of almost-smiled during Lean On Me. The Activity Center is pretty cozy. That's where I auditioned.

Oh, and I'll probably record what I sang for you guys really, really soon. Maybe if I have time tonight? Probably not.

Yeah, I'm a little nervous about the assembly in front of the whole school. But Margarita (her real name is Maggie, but she's in my Spanish class and I "want to call her Margarita because Margarita is alcoholic"!) taught me this way to calm myself down - Pound a fist into the upper-middle of my chest and pause -- repeat three times. Apparently it jars your nerves, which then have to settle, calming you down. Interesting, and effective as far as I can tell.

Ryan and I were confronted about our "relationship" today. He and I were talking like we always do, nicely, and Melia was all "So, what, are you guys going out now?" I responded the way I've taught myself to -- Look away, feel my face burn and say "Tch. No? We're just -friends-. Really good friends. Buddies."

Which is true. I just don't like being asked questions like that. I would have done the same thing for absolutely anyone else.

I'm such an awkward person. That's the best word to describe me, in my opinion. Awkward.


Well, tomorrow's Decade Day. Today was Clash Day, quite a handful of people complimented me on my outfit, yesterday was, er, oh yeah!, formal day, Monday was pajama day. Don't know what I'll do for tomorrow. Just depends on what I have in my closet. I'm thinking hippie again, though, like last year. I make a good hippie.


I forgot to wear my necklace to school today. Haven't done that... ever? Felt really scared. Paranoid. About everything. I hope Matt hasn't died. Or bombed his test. Either way.

Update on grades...
One hundred percent in Biology. Mr. Relampagos was all "You did good". He thinks I'm smart now. =\ Flrf. Goshdarnit.

Joey Isaac and Joey Mehelic were all "Your brother just checked in the room, looking for you! Go after him!" and I was like, "No! Stop messing with my family!"

Later on:
Joey Mehelic. I like your older brother better than him.
Me. Same here.

xD Maxwell got burned.

Joey, Joey, and Chris Harmes were having a whole conversation about my brothers. The two Joeys are upperclassmen. Juniors, I think.

It's good to have cool brothers. Seriously. I don't feel inferior. It's sweeeet.
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