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Okay, so about the whole singing in front of 1700 people thing? (Not an exaggeration?) Kind of bad. People were cheering, I know, but everything seemed to be silent except for my voice. And I thought my voice SUCKED. I was so shaky. Everything was shaky. I wasn't scared, but my body was. I couldn't sing the high part at the very end, my voice started cracking and spasming from fear, so I had to stop. I feel kinda numb. I'm still recovering.

The Senior won. Obviously. Seniors always win! Butwhatever. It was fun competing and all.

So many people congratulated me today, told me I was crazy brave, how well I did, even how much they respected me. I downplayed the whole thing, saying the truth -- I could have done much better. However, it was a really great experience, and I've definitely learned something from it -- Singing alone in front of a crowd is different from acting alone in from of one. When you act, you're not yourself. When you sing, you are. In fact, it's like a celebration of yourself. It's very, very different.

I wish I'd been able to start at, oh, two hundred people and work up. But no, I had to be hit by a bolt of lightning. Meh, I'll live.

The one phrase that sticks out to me I heard quite a lot today, once from Ben Rossi and once again by Mr. Murphy (he was telling me what he overheard a couple of girls saying to each other) is that I "had the balls" to go up there and sing like that. I find that funny. Obviously.

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