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Deary me.

Yes, well, it always is quite saddening when your favorite character in a book ever dies, isn't it? Not that I hadn't read The Order Of The Pheonix before, but that was almost a year ago, I can't help it if I get a little teary eyed when Harry almost goes plum mad because he pretty much's just bloody killed Sirius, It's a wonder he doesn't cry himself just a tad, I suppose it's that whole 'Trying to be a man' thing.

In any case, I hope Sirius reappears in one of the next couple books; I love him to bits.

Where was I? Oh, yes. Hello! ...I'm tired. Yes, AGAIN, don't go rolling your eyes at me like that. You'd be tired, too, if you were me. Um, don't ask why, I haven't got a clue, but seriously, I must have a good reason.

My bones won't stop cracking, it's kind of unnerving. I stand up and about fifty of them crack. Makes me think I'm becoming an old lady, but then I scold myself, as I'm only thirteen, not even close to even being considered 'a lady' and only three-quarters of the way through being a 'young lady'. So unless I magically skipped a bunch of years without knowing it and am actually 57, we should probably just assume that the reason my bones are cracking is because either I haven't been getting enough sleep or I've been sleeping too much.

Continuing on...

In any case, I'm going to have to wake up early tomorrow to do the homework I completely forgot about over the weekend due to losing my mind over books since Saturday afternoon.

Unless I'm sick tomorrow morning, which very well may be, considering my stomach won't stop doing cartwheels and I was hacking up a storm during synchro practice today.

But of course, those symptoms could be caused by some sort of emotional fatigue, you know, they'll probably go away over night, they usually do.

Don't you love my new blue layout? If you haven't already heard, Mom said I can paint my room blue if I clean it enough to put down dropcloths and stuff. It'd be really nice to wake up to a realm of blue euphoria, don't you think?

A realm of blue euphoria. I like that. I'll start calling it that now. Hmm... perhaps -the- real of blue euphoria would be a better name for it. Yes, indeed.

Whatever. I want to read more good books. I'll do that before I go to sleep tonight like I did last night, that lasted me a while.

For some odd reason, I have just gotten very, very angry.

I'm sure it'll subside in good time, nothing to worry about.

That pretty much sums it up... oh, and we're finally getting rid of our flour babies tomorrow, I'll be really cheered up about that. Of course, recently, Mom hasn't been to strict about them, because she knows I've gotten the jist of them by now.

I'd mention a few more things, but I'm being watched.

Yes.... by the government.

Blue Euphoria, signing off.
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