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OhMiCrod. It's the Immigrant Song. Since when does dad play Zeppelin's -Famous- songs, apart from Stairway To Heaven?

... Man, this is one long guitar solo... Oh, okay, back to Woah Ah Ohhhhh, OW! --- Or not. Or different song. Wait... do I know this song? ... Definitely still Led... Can't think of the name, though... hold on, I'll go down and snag some lyrics, I can't hear the words, Dad's playing so loud...

... "-Something something something-, I don't mind"? ..."Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Aoowh"?

Man, I should know this. Shame on me for not remembering my ZeppeLed. =\

Well... That's it for actual music at the moment... Dad's on another guitar solo... Jasper wants to go to bed. Fine, Jasper, have it your way. Because it's not like I have a life or anything. =\ Aww. That guy's so cuddly. Nice Mr. Jasp. Okay, I forgive you.
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