alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Sam Cues
People like having you around; you're cheerful and
know what to say in any given situation. You
don't crave attention, but people notice you
anyway, and the more they get to know you, the
more they like you.

What song from Gilmore Girls are you?
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You match Jess. Your tastes are similiar to Rory's,
with greater emphasis on punk and metal. You
also seem to enjoy making showtunes references.
'Fess up -- you really went back to New York to
star in a Broadway show, right?

Gilmore Girls: Whose musical taste do you have?
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You are Rory. Almost perfect in every way-
beautiful, smart, respectful, and not to
mention you have the coolest mom. You hardly
ever do anything wrong. You're depressed when
you get a C, while you attend Chilton, a
private school. You even dress up like a 50's
housewife to make your boyfriend happy.

Which Gilmore Girls character are you?
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Which "Gilmore Girls" character are you?
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Which Gilmore Girl's Girl Are You?
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Your man is Jess! You like the typical bad boy! He's fun, mysterious, and a real sweetie on the inside. He doesn't let his guard down very easily, but once he does, you could very

Who would be your Gilmore Girls boyfriend?
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You are Rory Gilmore

What 'GIlmore Girl' Are You?
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Oh, and I forgot to mention, some guy thought I was older again yesterday. I was waiting for the bus downtown, in front of PSU (Portland State University), and this guy asked me if the 12 had gone by that bus stop at all, and I said, "Yes, quite a few times, actually" and, because I was reading Boys Over Flowers while I was waiting, he asked me if I went to PSU, because apparently they have an anime club. I said no.

But the point is, he thought I went to PSU.

Teehee. I seem old. Yay.
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