alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Simply knowing you are there gives others a sense of security and continuity. You are a woman of few words and much wisdom, and the capacity to see beyond the surface that others are distracted by. However, you tend to find distractions for yourself to keep you from thinking about the bad times in your life. Try to solve your problems as soon as you can, so you can live life in genuine happiness. Which Love Hina Girl Are You?

What Shoujo Cutie Are You?
What Shoujo Cutie Are You?

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What Creepy Anime or Supernatural Anime Being Are You?

PHD in sex-ayWhat anime cliche are you? The Second time around.

A complex personality, you appeal only to two kinds of people - those who accept everything at face value and, most importantly, those who deeply understand the greater things you believe in. Skeptics are hard to win over, but those who like you will respect you forever. What Kind Of Anime/Manga Are You?

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