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I made four wallpapers and one banner-type thing out of pictures I took yesterday. The wallpapers are 600x800, the banner is 800x600... I think... it might be the other way around... shut up I'm tired.

See, I've got PREVIEWS. But the things are like five billion KB so if you really really want the big version of one of 'em I'll have to email them to you... 'n' yeah. So I'll screen this post in case someone wants to leave their email for me to send one to them or what-ev. Here y'go.

Lyrics from "Pain" by Jimmy Eat World

Lyrics from "Drugs or Me" by Jimmy Eat World

It says "Tangled up in you"

Lyrics from "Stairway to Heaven" (Doi) by Led Zeppelin

Lyrics from "Kiss From a Rose" by Seal
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