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Your Beauty lies
in Mystery. Captivating, mysterious and alone. You
are the girl in the little
black number that no one seems to know, the eternal
mystery girl. You make it a
point to never let anyone know more about you than
you want them to and do a
very good job of it. You're there one minute and
gone the next leaving them in
wonder of who you really are. A mature and normally
calm individual, quiet and
enjoy spending many hours of the day on your own,
most likely preferring night
to day . You love the dark and some may find you a
bit strange. You seem to be
rather distant and cold making hard for people to
get close to you, though you
probably like the distance they usually keep. You
probably wear make-up, but
concentrate more around your eyes than anything.
You know the effect you have
and enjoy keeping people in wonder.

Some Things
That Represent You:

Dark, Water Animal: Panther Color:
Black, Maroon, Dark
Tones Song: In The Shadows by The Rasmus
Sly Smile

Black Diamond Mythological Creature: Demon,
Vampire Planet: Venus
Hair Color: Black Eye Color:

"In the shadows for all time."

Where Does Your Beauty Lie? ..::Original Pictures Are Back! Detailed Results::..
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The Path Of Least Resistance

You take the Path of
Least Resistance.

Why make things hard for yourself? You are a
go-with-flow sort of person and
little gets to you. Why? Because it's all good,
right? They say the path of
least resistance is a straight line and that's
where you go, ever forward and
never looking back. It's good to keep the past
behind you, a quality far too
little people have these days. You know the past is
the past, but don't let
yourself forget it. You can't learn from your
mistakes if you don't remember
them. You're probably loved for your laid-back
frame of mind and easy-going
qualities , but you tend take the easy way out in
life and verge on lazy. Great
character is found through great challenges. You
most likely have the abilities
in you to succeed and over-come what life throws at
you. You just got get up and
face that challenge. You tend to lose your head in
bad situations because you
aren't used to them. And by the time you've found
the easiest way to master a
problem, you could've already taken care of it. Bad
things happen, difficult
situations come up, that's life. What matters is
that you rise to face those
challenges and you can do it. Never lose your
laid-back qualities as they will
help you greatly. Just step onto that hard road
every once in awhile and you'll
discover that with each stretch it becomes easier
and easier to over-come life's

What Path Do You Take In Life? [X]For Guys and Gals! Pics and Lengthy Results.[X]
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Your dark side is centered around Fear. There is
too many feelings are burning inside your chest
making your heart beats so hard, you feel fear
crawling under your skin, running with your
blood, possesing your soul. All you want is a
warm shoulder to lean on, a quite voice tells
you everything is going to be ok, so you
finally feel secure, safe and loved like you
always wanted to be. You will find what you
want when your feelings start to see the light.

What is the center of your dark core? (updated)
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You are a piano. You like to express your feelings
indirectly like in lyrics, poems, and stories.
You are careful in what you do and sometimes
pull a stunt. You are calm and peaceful. But
you usually don't talk to people first they
have to talk to you.

(BEAUTIFUL anime pics) What is your soft toned intrument?
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you're a wisdom angel. you cive advice to other
people and you're smart and wise.

what kind of angel are you?
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You're a romantic girl. You're kind, caring,
loveing, and peaceful. You spend a lot of your
time dreaming and you're not afraid to express
deep emotion, whether it be in a poem, diary,
or words. You hope for love and affection from
your prince charming. I have a feeling he will
come around soon.

What kind of girl are you? (with pix!)
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