alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

^___^ This is sooooo awesommme...

It kind of got cut off on the right side by the scanner, so I'll narrarate it for you, 'Kays? Drawn and written by the wonderful Caroline Sheedy!
Page #1:
Ryan: TADA! I'm Ryan and I'm Yellow! (His shirt says "NINJ4")
Ali: So? I'm Ali and I'm Blue. Blue is so much cooler than Yellow. (Shirt says "SWIM or CRY")
Ryan: Yellow is awesome!
Ali: Well, blue is better!
Mollie: Can you guys keep it down? I'm trying to read.
Ali and Ryan: MOLLIE!
Mollie: Besides, whatever color I'm wearing is the best and right now I'm green (Shirt says "Mol-ster")
Ali: That's a lie!
Mollie: Green is the color of most living things on Earth. IT'S the best.
Ali: Hmph! Blue is still better than yellow!
Ryan: It is not!
Marc: Why don't you all solve this a better way? Why is one color better than the other? (Shirt says "Save The Calculators")
Mollie: Yeah, listen to Marc
Ali: Blue just is
Ryan: You wish, yellow is the symbol of happiness
Page #2
Marc: *Sigh* You're going to need better reasons than those...
Ali: Then I'll make a list
Ryan: Me too!

Blue is...
- Symbol o
- Calming
- Color of Water
- Pleasing to the eye
- I like blue

*Halo 2 sign*
*Halo 2 sign* I am cool!

Marc: . . .
Marc: Ryan, stay on focus. I'll have to say that Ali's list was better
Mollie: Green is in. If you don't know that, you're a moron.
Marc: Really? OK Green is the best
Ali: That's not fair at all!!
Ryan: Beat him up Ali!
Caroline: Hey! I couldn't help but over hear you guys talking. The best color is brown (Shirt has a C on it)
Mollie: Why?
Caroline: Cause brown is the color of chocolate! Speaking of which, let's go get some!
Ryan: Sounds good to me
Ali: Me too
Narrarator: So they all lived happily ever after and got some chocolate. Except Marc, cause Ali had beaten him up
Marc: Bring some for me, OK?
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