alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

There is nothing else, that can change my miiind...

Completely incomplete... I'm closer where I started... chasing after you... I'm falling even more in love with you, I'm letting go of all I've held on to, I'm standing here until you make me move, just hanging by a moment here with you.

You know what's really immature but funny? Substituting "you" with "poo" in any song.

Today I'm going to the mall to probably not buy anything but food and probably not do anything but read my newly checked-out library books. After that I'm going to go home and pretend I'm doing something but not really doing it. Then I'm going to watch Who's Line at eight until ten at which point I'll be heading off to bed.

And unlike the good child Mollie, I will not be doing my notes today, I'll be doing them tomorrow during lunch. (: --Insert verious excuses here--

The news is, my swimming sweatshirt and T-shirt now officially have sentimental value and make me feel special when I wear them. This was unofficial before. I just got the letter of confirmation from the feds.

And, and, um... >_@ I sheem to have lost me icon-making talent. Could somebody please find it for me? It's wears a collar with a tag that says "My owner treats me like crap" on it.
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