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My synopsis on tonight's episode of GG, a revelation, and a couple comments on my day today.

First of all, may I say that I was highly disappointed that we never got to actually SEE Mitchum Huntzberger -- I was quite curious as to what he looked/acted like in real time. However, this was made up for by Logan's line to Rory with "Perhaps you'll get to meet him someday." Leading on with Logan and Rory, her look of disappointment when he didn't ask her to the party spoke a thousand words. I also thought it seemed as though Logan was trying to get her to say something less, you know, iffy, but you know Rory, she's an iffy kinda girl on a lot of things.
I still feel really, really sad for Chris and want to give him a hug. Honestly, it was like Emily was just like, "STAB, STAB, now go fix it." =\ Blarf.
Ooooh, and when Lorelai saw the TV Luke got for her, I swear, I wanted her to leap on top of him and hug him like there was no tomorrow. I would've done that if I were her.
I liked the Emily/Richard action more last week than this week, to tell you the truth. I probably just miss the dog.

A revelation -- I am a pretty darn cool person, and it wouldn't be all that hard to fall in love with me, contrary to popular beleif in the past. It's making me feel squee-y that I'm not a completely loser. Which is kind of funny. Because it's loser-ific. But anyways. (:

Mrs. Wright said she thought I got an A for my final grade in Murphy's, so it's still a toss-up because I really thought I got a B. It'd be good if I got an A, but also bad, because it'd mean there'd be more pressure for me to keep my GPA up and stay at a 4.0. I've never been one for intellectual pressure, unless it involves me being twenty times smarter than somebody else, in which case, I'm all for it.

NOTE TO SELF: Ask Mr. Relampagos what you got on the Final. TOMORROW.
NOTE TO SELF: Ask Mom when tap shoes will be arriving, bruised feet make Ali grumpy.
NOTE TO SELF: Check board tomorrow to make sure it's February 8th, not February 2nd, when it's just the Angel's being called.

Another note, speaking of the play. I tried on my dress/costume/thing (It doesn't feel like it fits any of those names, it's also kind of like a coat, but it's a dress, and it's not a dress coat, so I'm lost here) and then I went into the drama room and honestly, practically all the people in there looked at me like I was one hot momma. And oh my goodness I just used the phrase one hot momma, somebody slap me. Anyways, the folks in there were all "that dress was made for you" and "it's perfect" and "you look good" and I couldn't help but thinking it's too bad that...

1. I have to wait to be able to wear it
2. I'm 89 percent sure I can't keep it
3. Several people who will remain unnamed will have to wait to see me in it for quite a while
4. I don't have my tap shoes yet and
5. This is soooo awesome man.

Okay, so five wasn't really too bad. But whatev.

OH! OH! And


One more thing. I missed JV fun day at swim practice today because I had singing practice for the play. Bummer! I wonder who got swimmer of the meet, and I wonder if Todd will ever in his entire life mention how freaking much I cheer for my team.

Pwobwy not.
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