alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Yay for real updates!!

WOOT! Wilson won the PIL Districts!! The PIL period! And! And! And!! Coach Todd won coach of the year for the girls!! We have TWO PLAQUES! And a bunch of folks are going to state!!!

Which is really funny considering we didn't win a single race. But we came CLOSE to winning them, which means we got lotsa points and stuff. Yeah, so, s'all good.

Molly Dischner (?!??!!?! on the spelling) and her mom took me home after the meet on Friday, that was nice.

I'd have to say my cheering on a whole was about a 3 out of 10 though. Not only did I not cheer well, I didn't cheer often enough at all.

You'd think any cheering at all would be great, right? Yeah, well. I did cheer. A lot. So now my voice has EXPLODED and little peices are flying everywhere.

On a slightly different note, the awkwardnes between me and he-whom-is-freaking-awesome continues to grow and grow. Someone's gonna have to break the ice, and it ain't gonna be me.

Also, it feels like TOO LONG since I've had a play practice, even though I had one just last Thursday. I swear, the stuff's addictive, no matter how tiring and diaphragm-working it is.

And I'd like to say that I'm THIS CLOSE to making my descision on if I'm going to do swimming next year, and if so, how much acting etc. stuff I'll do alone with it. My conclusion? I'm going to do swimming even if it slits my throat. Because I know that, if I don't, I'll regret it. And I'll probably do the musical next year and that about it, because anything else would conflict too much with swimming practice. But what-ev. I'ma be in drama (class school y'know) next year so s'all good.
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