alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

My shoulders feel ouchy. My shoulderblades, actually. It's blah. I have a really bad temper today because of it. Really bad freaky-ness, too. So. Iono. Blockenfeffer.

One, ohmagaw, He didn't know how to do the same thing as me. With the tapping. Seriously. I was like. We have so much in common, man.

And that SHIRT he was wearing today! Good God! Can you say hot? How about hablaron?
And. And. And. Ohhh my dearie. After practice I was singing out one of the drama room doors as he was going in the other set, and as I came out and he went in, he paused and looked at me and it was awesome. I acted like either I didn't see him or I didn't care, but boy did I.

"And though I'm great romancer, I know that you're bound to answer when I propose, 'anything goes'!"

Oh, and I had another T-Vision. That's what I'm calling them now T-Visions. Because they're all vivid and it sounds like I'm about to say TV. So yeah.

It was kind of not detailed though, so I'm not going to blab about it. Mmmkay.--

I really, really don't want to do that darn commercial thing for Lit. Honestly. It's crap. I'm like ew, stinky!"
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