alessandra (blue_phoria) wrote,

Shall we dance? On a light cloud of music, shall we fly? Shall we dance?

Surprisingly, D-Day wasn't half bad (the wrong way, not the correct British way). I got a chocolate kiss from Caroline and a yummy truffle heart from Ryan and a sugarcoatedbloatymuffin heart cookie from the Molster, and both Mollie and Ryan said they loved me, which was good and warm and fuzzy. (: And Caroline said I was a good person and she didn't understand why anyone would shun me (i.e., Helen, etc.) and Mollie and folks agreed. And now I have early good charlotte songs stuck in my head like "a clique to call my own" and "everything's gonna be alright" which is hilarious because it's so darn cheap and cheesy. Plus, I found my Sum 41 CD yesterday, it was right where I thought it was, haha. Oh, oh, and I wore the new long flowy black skirt I got on Friday with my mom today, I got like fifty billion compliments on that. Plus, I have an artistic mind.

You can't go wrong with all of that.

There were a couple downfalls to today, like the fact that I still have 12 bucks to pay off at the library which means I was too iffy to check out the fourth and final copy of Ororon (I looked in the back and was like, crap, sad ending). Also, COMPLETELY forgot about Who's Line, which means I'm not going to be high and full of laughter today. I watched Seventh Heaven (EW! MUSICAL?! Actually, I take back the laughter thing, I laughed all the way through that show basically) and Everwood (Yay she doesn't have Huntington's disease! And Zack's mom's a meanie! And stuff!)

Weirdliness update, I'm for some reason having a really hard time remembering names this morning. I.e., favorite characters from shows, old best friends, cousins, et cetera.

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