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Oh. My. Gosh.

Not sorted thinking at all...


So much Ohmygoshing and holycrapping!!!

Luke. Ohmygosh. Luke! He's so heartbroken... and Lorelai... my goodness... She said she thought he could be the one... she said all the things I was hoping she'd say... but she's so SAD... and she's given up... and it's really, really bad. Ohmygosh. And the message she left Luke! All the thoughts running through her head! Second-thought-ing it right after she hangs up...

Seriously. Who wrote this episode? Because they ROCK.

It was so sad, but there were SO MANY things linked together that you just had to love. Everyone's true feelings came out in this ep.

Also, Kirk with DDR. YESSSS. Hilarious. I was hoping they'd do something more about his dance-fanaticism soon, and now they have. Yay.

And Logan! So sweet! You can tell he really cares about her. My favorite Rogan tidscene of this ep -- when Rory and him kiss and she leaves, and he watches her go. His eyes were so tender as they followed her out. I squeed. I love Matt Czuchry so very much.

Hah! And Michel singing a medley from Annie? I'm so sorry we had to miss that! I would have laughed so hard.

Ooh, and Caesar. I don't remember actually -seeing- him for that long before. I mean Lorelai and him actually had a -conversation-. I've got to give it to him, though, he's got good taste in music. And... pie.

Holy crap, the ribbons, too! So BAD! Does Stars Hollow have no sympathy?! Honestly, the MOMENT they suspected a breakup... it was just -horrible-... ugh... I normally love the townies, but tonight, no love at all.

Favorite Lorelai Quote: "But that's all they had, an ending. I don't want to have just an ending with Luke. I don't want to have those stupid kids with their ugly grandkids with that loser other guy. Even if he is a nice guy, he's not the guy I want to be with."

Implying that she wants to get married and have kids and grandkids with Luke. (: And that she wants to be with him forever. <33333 Yesss.

And her saying she's all in, replying to him. That was so AWESOME. I was like, yessss, Lorelai, I love you so much. <3

Not enough Rogan squealing! Umm. Ummmm. Ummmm! I loved how Logan offered to lend Frank to Rory pretty much right away when he saw how panicked she was. And how worried he sounded... Auuucckgh!!!

And the dream! Sooo CREEPY. I got the chills. :s Bad, bad dream.

I love Gilmore Girls so much. It's twisted that I could even stand this episode, but honestly, I think I liked it even better than Wedding Bell Blues. Insane, my friends. Insane. But true.

There was something else I wanted to add, but I forgot. ;s
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